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Our Company / Our Goal:
RMR4 INTERNATIONAL.INFO is built on the principles of selling positive, highly informative, educational, quality products designed to help all family members [local and international] live life not only abundantly but also most abundantly with 100% of their participation.  Also, our goal is to keep on providing reliable  service. 

Our diversified product range continues to grow [pending] by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer..... plus, local and international connections.
Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allow us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our customers along with potential customers.

The goal of RMR4 LLC / RMR4 along with our other worldwide web sites is to provide affordable national and international high quality products to our customers along with world class customer service that is second to none. We are moving towards becoming the number one supplier to small and medium-sized businesses including consumers who are not business owners along with customers who have an interest in becoming business owners.

We are working on our future goals which may or may not include the following: EXCLUSIVE gifts, Including Showing Others How to be in business for themselves, Water Filters, FREE Cell Phone/No Contracts, Health Items, Home and Business Security Systems for Senior Citizens and family, Corporate Gift Items, Dating/Friends/Pen Pals from around the world, Ladies Bags, Ladies Apparel, Apparel for Men, Apparel for Kids, Backpacks, Motorcycle Leather Accessories, Knives, Leather Bags for the office, E-books, Leather Bags for fun, Quality clothing for the cold, Jewelry, Kitchen Cutlery, Kitchen Flatware, Health and Beauty Items, Furniture. Too many items to mention.
PayPal securely processes website product / credit card transactions for RMR INTERNATIONAL / ATLANTIC along with our family of web sites worldwide.
Our goal is to reach every country around the world by the use of the global telecommunication tool/system better known as the internet along with other forms of advertising tools such as Social Media, ISP., Email Campaigning, Automation Marketing Systems along with Fundraising campaigning plus Television advertising [pending due to high TV cost] along with health promotions via ISP companies.  We all know that our health is our greatest asset.  


RMR4's mission is to provide useful educational, positive info to local and international locations.  the human race suffers due to the lack of solid positive and educational material that is designed to elevate ones health and financial situation to a higher level resulting in living life more abundantly and not excluding living life most abundantly which will require them giving 100% of their time and effort.
Plus, our mission is to encourage them to be in business for themselves via the internet.
MISSION:  RMR4 is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers by providing a complete product line to individuals and families to develop long-term relationships - from purchasing their first product to helping their families , individuals or businesses with products and service availability info.  RMR4 is an organization committed to communities.   In addition to offering customer service that is second to none, our goal is to do all we can to give back to the community poor and homeless citizens ........  providing our company is in a financial position to do so.



Our aim is to be financially free to allow us to assist those that are less fortunate and to allow us to obtain up-to-date top of the line office equipment that will allow us to  cope with the demands of being more effective which will result in helping others in a timely manner.  Hoping this will include being in a position to donate to other organizations in need.




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